Xano SC

Spray Coating

Xano SC coating thickness 100nm 200nm 330nm web 800pt


Metal Xano & Xano SC - Nanoparticle & Thin Film Fabrication System

Metal Xano: 1 ~ 100 nm metal particles

Xano SC: 20 x 20 cm+ thin films

The integrated system of Metal Xano and Xano SC offers an extensive array of controls, from particle size and distribution to annealing and oxidation, doping, mixture, and layer-by-layer spray coating. These unique capabilities unlock diverse applications in disease diagnosis, electrochromic glass, solar energy, radiation shielding, and wearable devices.



Adjustable thickness & porosity


Xano SC coating thickness 100nm 200nm 330nm web 800pt


Customisable composite thin films


areal capacitance boost 1w


areal capacitance boost 3w

The Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy confirms the presence of W and Mo in the above elemental mappings.


Features & Specifications

  • Main Features
    • Large-Area, Ambient Spray Coating: The Xano SC eliminates the need for high vacuum or harsh chemicals, enabling large-area (20 x 20 cm standard, up to 100 x 100 cm customizable) thin film coating under normal atmospheric conditions. This simplifies the coating process and reduces operational costs.
    • Thin Film Control: The Xano SC offers comprehensive control over thin film properties with a heating stage ranging from room temperature to 350°C and a tunable film thickness of 100 nm or above. This versatility allows for the creation of thin films with tailored characteristics for various applications.
    • Streamlined User Interface: The XSC prioritizes user experience with a simplified control panel featuring an LCD display and joystick controller. Configurable parameters like flow rate, spray speed, path, distance, and cycle number ensure precise control and repeatability for reliable thin film production.


  • Xano SC features a simplified control panel that streamlines the coating operation. The interface design ensures the reliability and reproducibility of thin-film production.


    Coating Settings (Main LCD)
    • Area
    • Pattern
    • Distance
    • Cycle


    Other Controls
    • Heating Temperature (PID)
    • Flow Vavle Speed


  • Diverse applications:

    • Xano-enabled SERS/SEF chips facilitate rapid on-site testing of viruses, diseases & plant health.
    • LSPR nanoparticles ideal for biomedical sensing, photothermal therapy, and solar energy harvesting.
    • High energy density & faster charging for supercapacitors.
    • Increased attenuation for X-ray & 𝛾 radiation shielding.
    • Electrochromic windows offer energy saving and privacy control for buildings, vehicles and various spaces.
    • Wearable health tracking sensors.



    Nanovie NPG Metal Xano is also ideal for a variety of applications:


    Electronics & Semiconductors
    • Photocatalysis
    • Self-cleaning coating
    • Solar cells
    • Electronic devices
    • Pigments
    • Cosmetics


    Biomed & Environment
    • Targeted drug delivery
    • Wound healing
    • Hydrogen production
    • Water purification


  • Main Body

    • Dimension (mm): 510 X 510 X 520(H)
    • Weight (kg): 25.0 kg
    • Power: 15A (Input: 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz)



    • Rotary Pump