Xano SC

Spray Coating

Xano SC coating thickness 100nm 200nm 330nm web 800pt


 Metal Xano

Nanoparticle Generator

Xano SC coating thickness 100nm 200nm 330nm web 800pt


Metal Xano & Xano SC - Nanoparticle & Thin Film Fabrication System

Metal Xano: 1 ~ 100 nm metal particles

Xano SC: 20 x 20 cm+ thin films

The integrated system of Metal Xano and Xano SC offers an extensive array of controls, from particle size and distribution to annealing and oxidation, doping, mixture, and layer-by-layer spray coating. These unique capabilities unlock diverse applications in disease diagnosis, electrochromic glass, solar energy, radiation shielding, and wearable devices.

Reliably & precisely transfer heterostructures

with computer-aided alignment technologies

STM Phaino : Nanoscope for industrial R&D

Move the sample at 50 nm/step

Zoom with 2 built-in scanners

Scan 3D images & measure I-V curves

STM/STS Exypnos : for Experiment & Training

Innovative quantum / tunnelling experiments: 3D nano structures & I-V curves

Automatic tip-to-sample approach: ~ 1 nm/step

Nanovie Auto Tip Maker for STM, Probers & Nano-Machines

Single push to automate batch production of nanoscopic tips.

Direct & quick on-site material identification

overcomes all challenging field conditions

GMD/GMDc - Industrial Raman Specialist Systems

MRID Dual-Laser & Advanced Research Raman Systems

Dual lasers - software switch, calibration free

Batch scan - programmable

STM Based Nano Raman (TERS)

TERS Enhancement rGO WS2

 The tip enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS), enhanced by the « hot spot » effect created by the nano-scale tip apex, could measure the originally undetectable Raman signals of nanoscale structures or trace elements. Our nano Raman system based on STM also practically improves the Raman mapping resolution from 1 µm to 10 nm.


Nano Positioning Colocalised Tip

Our STM based nano Raman sytem will be released in 2022.  Under development are the AFM / SNOM modules that could be integrated in the same system as well as the inline and high vacuum system for semiconductor use.