STM Phaino : Nanoscope for industrial R&D

Move, zoom and see, all on a nanoscale


Nano Positioning and Auto Tip Approach

It's a breeze to locate the microstructures in question using the microscale camera and nanoscale XY motor stage. The 15-nm tip apex provides unsurpassable probing precision.
While the tip-to-sample approach is fully automated, the users can aslo manually perform fast Z movement or single step movement for optimal tip-to-sample distance.

Features & Specifications

  • Scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) shows the three-dimensional morphology of sample surfaces at the atomic level. Nanovie STM Phaino is powered by dual scanners, one for high resolution while the other for large scan range. The scanners can be switched from one another depending on the size of the structures or for the sake of positioning, and it takes only one single push.

    High resolution scanner:
    • XY Range ≈ 0.8 μm
    • Z Range ≈ 0.8 μm
    • XY ≈ 1.6 μm (Extended Mode)
    Large range scanner:
    • XY Range ≈ 3.0 μm
    • Z Range ≈ 2.0 μm
    • XY ≈ 5.0 μm (Extended Mode)
    Optimal Physical Resolution:
    • XY Resolution ≈ 0.2 nm
    • Z Resolution ≈ 0.03 nm
    Standard Features:
    • Scan Mode: Constant Current
    • Spectroscopy Mode: Current Voltage (I-V)
    • Tip-to-sample Approach: Automatic
    • Image Size: 50 X 50 ~ 550 X 550 pts

    The above parameters may vary depending on calibration.

  • Nanovie STM Phaino provides a nanoscale positioning stage, allowing sample movement between scans. There is no more need to fully retract and re-approach the tip evey time repositioning is required. The high magnification CCD camera, confocal to the probe tip, allows the users to examine and easily search for the region of interest at a micrometer scale before digging into nanoscale scanning.

    XY Motor Stage:
    • XY Travel : 2.0 mm
    • XY Step < 100 nm
    • Software Control
    CCD Camera:
    • Magnification : 800X (or better)
    • Resolution : 2 MP (or better)
    • Used for "Approaching" & "Positioning" Phase.
    High Resolution Scanner with Motor Stage:
    • XY Range ≈ 1.6 μm
    • Z Range ≈ 0.8 μm
    Large Range Scanner with Motor Stage:
    • XY Range ≈ 5.0 μm
    • Z Range ≈ 2.0 μm
  • As semiconductor fabrication reached the 10-nm node and beyond, it became more and more crucial to be able to probe and identify the electronic properties of materials at a nanoscopic level, such as the local density of electronic states (LDOS) and the band gap. While STM offers the most precise probing and the highest electronic spectroscopy sensitivity compared to other probing systems, Nanovie STM further made it simple and efficient to find the nanostructures in question.

    Advanced Features:
    • Nano-Lithography
    • Instant Tip Restoration
    • Automatic Tip Approach
    Optional Features:
    • In-Liquid Scan
    • Scan Mode: Constant Height
    • Current-Imaging-Tunnelling Spectroscopy
    • Local Barrier Height Spectroscopy (dI/dV Curve)
    • Current-Distance Spectroscopy (I-Z Curve)
    • Dual Vibration Isolation Platform


    N-terface Pro : Professional Scan Controlling Interface
    • Friendly graphic interface
    • Real time imaging and parameter modifications
    • Control of the scanner, tip-approach, motor stage and camera
    • Demonstration modes for teaching and presentation
    N-mage : Professional Image Processing & Data Analysis
    • Visualise the true surface : De-slope, noise reduction, and other filters.
    • Enhance surface characteristics : 3D display with lighting effects, plus a variety of palettes available.
    • All-around analysis : Line profile, height histogram, roughness, size, angle, island number counting, 2D Fourier transform, et al.
  • Nanovie Auto Tip Maker (ATM) can produce up to 6 probe tips per batch, alleviating the troubles to make tips manually. Each tip has a curvature radius of about 15 nm, offering superior and reliable resolving power even for UHV STM.

    Automatic Tip Maker:
    • Tip Curvature Radius ~ 15 nm
    • 6 Tips / Batch (~ 15 minutes)
    • One push button. Computer not required.
  • Nanovie STM Phaino is a compact yet robust workhorse for atomic / nanoscopic surface analysis, providing both 3D morphology and electronic spectroscopy at the same time. With the ease of use and all commercial grade features and options, it is ideal for both industrial inspection and academic research.

    STM Main Body:

    • Dimension (mm): 220 (H) X 100 (∅) w/o Camera
    • Weight (kg): 3.1 kg


    Electronic Controller:

    • 16-bit A/D & D/A Converters
    • Power: 12V DC 1A (Input: 100-240V AC @ 50/60Hz)
    • Dimension (mm): 170 (W) X 145 (D) X 65 (H)
    • Weight (kg): 1.0 kg


    Sample Working Space:

    • Sample Size < 15 mm
    • Chamber Size: 45 mm (H) X 75 mm (∅)



    • Magnetic Tip Holder & TungstenTips
    • Standard Samples (DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Oxidised HOPG, etc)
    • Liquid Cell & Insulated Tips (Optional, for in-liquid scans)
    • Dual Vibration Isolation Platform (Optional, for better imaging quality)
    • Accoustic Isolation Shield (Optional, for better imaging quality)
    • Shock-proof Suitcase (for carrying and traport)